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What's going on - Scroll and check out some highlights from over the past few years.

October 27 | 2018

Team Emerick and Kevin helped raise over $10K for LLS Light the Night walk. Great work team!!

October 25 | 2018

Reidgefield VRMS project - Courtyard prepped for sidewalk. Sheetrock started. Parking lot underway.

October 18 | 2018

Celebrating all Women in Construction - From the Ladies at Emerick to the 2018 DJC Women of Vision Award Winners.

October 15 | 2018

Ridgefield Middle School featuring LED exterior lighting .

October 11 | 2018

Emerick Boy Band is born.

October 11 | 2018

Clackamas Fire Dist 1, Station 16 - Soffit install, thanks George for the pic. Love the lighting. Hi Bart and Chris

October 9 | 2018

Rock'in a Tuesday - Shout out to Mike, our Logistics Manager - he is always there for the team, ready to help out with a smile. Thanks Mike!

October 5 | 2018

Friday - This is how we roll Emerick style in the new office expansion - Hi Mike, Bill, Richard, Daniel and Jim. - Welcome Richard, our newest team member at Emerick.

October 5 | 2018

Hey Friday - Shout out to Monica one of our fantastic PMs here at Emerick. We appreciate everything you do and a job well done for Clackamas Fire Fleet and Logistics.

October 4 | 2018

What's Up Thursday - Ali LaManna, Emerick PM, rocking two projects for Clackamas Fire Dist 1, at Station 16 & 19. Way to go Ali!

October 3 | 2018

TVF&R's Station 55 Open House is this Saturday in West Linn! The community is invited: October 6 from 11AM - 2PM. Please vist for details regarding address and parking info. See you there!

September 21 | 2018

Ridgefield High School mural project underway - great start, proud to be a RSD partner.

September | 2018

Business Manager, Christina Fell, taking care of business, thanks for all your hard work, we appreciate you!

September 17 | 2018

Join Team Emerick and help support Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) Light the Night Walk, October 27 at the foot of the Tilikum Crossing bridge. We raised over $10K last year, help us do it again!

September 14 | 2018

The newly constructed Marion County Sheriff's Office is finished and looking beautiful! Great work team! Thank you for these beautiful photos Geroge!

September 12 | 2018

Ceremony marks official opening of new 5-8 schools campus.

September 11 | 2018

Thank you Lindley for this beautiful shot of Old Glory flying at Clackamas Fire Station 19. Thank you to our project team and the first responders on our National Day of Service and Remembrance.

September 6 | 2018

Clackamas Fire District 1, Station 16 - roof going on, looking amazing team, thanks George for the picture. Love the contrast of colors.

August 30 | 2018

Future Emerick employee - Thank you Amanda for sharing

June 21 | 2018

Demolition started today up at Ridgefield High School. Demo started at e H#DemoDay @EmerickGiveBack @RidgefieldSD @LSWArchitects

May 30 | 2018

Ridgefield groundbreaking at the High School. We are moving on to project two for the Ridgefield School District. #EmerickConstruction @RidgefieldSD @W7OBH @ryanjpugh @ntmccann @LSWArchitects

May 25 | 2018

Marion County Sheriff's Office and Patrol Building tour. We are under construction and nearing the completion of our brand new Sheriff's building in Salam for Marion County. Thanks for the tour Matt and Mandy!

May 11 | 2018

Ridgefield High School project office is all set up and ready for business. Hi JoAnn, the flowers are a nice touch! Thank you for the picture Ted. #EmerickConstruction @RidgefieldSD @W7OBH @ryanjpugh @ntmccann @LSWArchitects

May 2 | 2018

Three generations on our TVF&R Station 55 project site, and they are all named Bill to boot!

April 22 | 2018

Clackamas Fire Dist.1, Station 16 - Captain, looking at his new station in progress. Loving it team, Happy Friday! #EmerickConstruction Thanks George for the picture. @clackamasfire @moravak1 @AliLaMannaPDX @HenneberyEddy

April 20 | 2018

Emerick first annual sign making event. Great job everyone, thank you to Mike and Samantha for all the preparation and hard work getting ready for this event.

March 15 | 2018

PWA Expo was amazing. Loved seeing all the students and meeting some great kids. Thank you team for your participation today and to PWA for hosting such a fantastic event. @PWorkforceA @AliLaMannaPDX @MDegliantoni #EmerickConstruction

March 8 | 2018

Have a 75th, will travel - Thank you David for taking Emerick with you on your trip to the East Wall of Jerusalem! #EmerickConstruction #Emerick75willtravel

March 7 | 2018

DJC Milestones 2018 - Emerick Celebrating 75 years - Thanks to our employees new and old, without you, we wouldn't be here! "Emerick has always been about family - it extends all the way through home and beyond," ~ Corey Lohman. #EmerickConstruction @djcOregon

March 7 | 2018

Emerick was ranked 6th best company to work for in Oregon by our employees (Medium sized firms). Thanks for the LOVE team Emerick! #EmerickConstruction @OregonBusiness #100BestCompaniesToWorkFor

February 28 | 2018

Congratulations George for winning the monthly photo contest! Great picture of Clackamas Fire in the snow.

Febrary 22 | 2018

Light the Night, LLS celebration. Emerick was named Corperate Rookie of the year for our work on the Light the Night Walk. Thank you Kevin for your hard work and to our team of Emerick supporters.

January 31 | 2018

Congratulations JoAnn for winning the monthly photo contest! Great picture of Ridgefield.

January 20 | 2018

Our annual Emreick holiday party and bowling tournement. We crowned our winners. Congrats to Barb Sitz and Kyle Proud for taking home the gold!

January 20 | 2018

Emerick proudly supports Ridgefield School District and Community on their upcoming bond. Thank you Larry, Barb, Darin, JoAnn, Morgan and family for attending.

January 1 | 2018

Emerick is kicking -off our 75th Anniversary with a year long celebration.

December 14 | 2017

Congratulations to Larry Sitz, our CEO - for his recent recognition by the @djcOregon as an ICON in the A/E/C industry, a well deserved honor. Thank you for making a huge difference over the last 40 yrs, as an innovator, expert & mentor, we are proud of YOU! @LarrySitz #Emerick

November 27 | 2017

Ridgefield - Look at this team go! Fully loaded and ready, morning meeting at the new Sunset Ridge school for Ridgefield SD. Our PM Ted leading the way.

November 27 | 2017

Emerick employee spotlight - Big thanks to Luis for all his hard work and contributions to the team at Clackamas Fire District Fleet & Logistics, you make a big different!

November 27 | 2017

@TVFR Station 55, making some serious progress, from green field to framing. Great work team and happy Monday! Thanks Bill, Kevin and Brandon.

November 23 | 2017

Happy Thanksgiving from everyone at Emreick Constructions. Our office will be closed today and Friday so our employees may be with their families. We re-open Monday the 27th.

November 22 | 2017

TVF&R Station 55 - Shout out to the crew working in the rain today! Thanks Bill, Kevin and Brandon. Looking good. And to DSL Framing.

November 20 | 2017

Day in the life of an Emerick job site: Mark, working hard Clackamas Fleet project. Thanks for the shot John Stursa!

November 18 | 2017

Ridgefield - Left to Right is Councilman Lee Wells, Mayer Ron Onslow, Councilwoman Sandra Day, Friend of all Gary & Councilman Don Stoses.

November November 18 | 2017

Day in the life of an Emerick job site: Travis, working hard Clackamas Fleet project. Thanks for the shot John Stursa!

Ridgefield introduces the new name for the intermediate school along with the logo!

November 18 | 2017

Thanks Ali for the pic. Finding cool stuff while working at CFD, Station 16. The Peanut, is famous.

November 15 | 2017

Meet Bill Judge, one of our awesome PM, killing it as usual.

November 12 | 2017

Emerick feature - Hi Chuck, thanks for your hard work, we appreciate it! Thanks for the pic John.

November 12 | 2017

Mr. Winkler, what's up! Matt - hard at work, thanks Matt for being you!

November 9 | 2017

Emerick's North office at @RidgefieldSD looking good Ted and crew.

November 4 | 2017

Day in the life of an Emerick job-site. Thanks Ed Dohman, for the inspiring picture.

October 29 | 2017

TVF&R - Station 69, new and shiny, ready for crews to come and put it to good use. Nice shot George thank you! Open house November 18, 11-2pm.

October 28 | 2017

TVF&R - Our finished product at Station 64. George, thanks for the beautiful pictures!

October 26 | 2017

Emerick feature - Welcome Daneil to the team, happy to have you on board!

October 24 | 2017

Emerick feature - An awesome Lady, our Business Manager Christina, working hard. Thanks for all you do - you rock!

October 22 | 2017

Another day in the life at an Emerick Job-site. Thanks Ed Dohman.

October 21 | 2017

Feature Friday Jordan & Monica talking shop Thank you both for all that you do for Emerick & our clients, we are successful because of you!

October 18 | 2017

TVF&R three generations, Bill, Bill & Bill, touring Station 55. What a great day for an adventure! Keep up the good work Bill!

October 15 | 2017

TVF&R station 64 open house 11/4 - 11-2pm, come see the amazing work our team did, proud of our building! Thank you Team! #Emerick

October 15 | 2017

Featuring Ed Dohman, Emerick General Foreman and one of our resident photographers. Over the next month or so, we will feature images from Ed on our jobsites. Daily life on an Emerick job-site captured by @EdDohman, dynamic shots, thanks Ed!

Oct 13 | 2017

Alicia LaManna, one of our awesome PMs. Thanks Ali we are proud of everything you have done over the years. You're a real asset to our team!

October 9 | 2017

@TVFR Thanks Greg Perry, the @boyscouts tour was a great success of station 55. Nicely done Bill and Kevin!

October 6 | 2017

Light The Night Walk for LLS. Proud of Team Emerick & all participants, we've almost raised $10K for LLS Way to go team! Thank you Kevin & Corey M. Lohman, LEED AP for making it possible.

October 6 | 2017

Feature Friday - This one goes out Kevin Stuckart one of our PMs - who has gone above & beyond raising $$$ for a good cause. Light the Night, LLS Walk.

October 4 | 2017

Another successful groundbreaking for Clackamas Fire District 1, Station 16. Looking good team! We are excited to work with Hennebery Eddy Architects, Inc. on this project.

September 28 | 2017

Thank you BDI - Business Diversity Institute MED Week for continuing to support Minority-Owned and Women-Owned Businesses. Emerick is a proud supporter and happy to be a part of it.

September 23 | 2017

Celebrating Ridgefield Spirit Event, Emerick shines as our booth is ready for action. We spoke to local residents and school members about the project and the positive impact on the community.

September 15 | 2017

Coalition of Women's Initiatives in Law - thank you for having Emerick be a part of the group discussion.

September 11 | 2017

Emerick Employee Feature:    The dynamic duo at Ridgefield Intermediate project. Darin and Morgan Meisenheimer, two generations working together. Thank you Morgan for all your hard work, have a great last few days before you return to school next week. You have been a wonderful asset and team member. Good luck at school!

September 11 | 2017


September 5 | 2017

Congrats Mandy Sitz & Ryan Pugh on a tie for the Emerick September photo contest. Mandy's shot of the Eclipse at the OYA project & Ryan's shot of the smoky haze at the Ridgefield SD project. Two extreme shots of nature at our job sites.

September 1 | 2017

Emerick Feature Friday - Meet Paul, he is one of our team members at VCA Rock Creek, he is working along side Travis. Thank you for all you do Paul, it's appreciated! Travis, thank you for the picture.

September 1 | 2017

Now you gone and done it! Look at these two - Emerick spirit abounds within these walls. Mike and Jim, rock stars!

August 22 | 2017

Feature Friday meet Lindley Lead Project Coordinator she's the glue that holds everything together Thank you for all you do it's appreciated.

August 22 | 2017

Enjoy the Eclipse safely, wear your NASA approved glasses & we're sending out extra patience to everyone to help deal with traffic hiccups!

August 18 | 2017

Feature Friday: Meet Stormi, Emerick's Receptionist and so much more...she's the friendly voice on the other end of the phone when you call, the bright smile that greets you when you visit and a valued, important member of our team! Thank you Stormi for all you do, you are greatly appreciated.

August 2 | 2017

This just in, August's photo contest winner is...Mandy Sitz for her image at OYA. Showing the team in action installing art panels.

July 27 | 2017

Join Team Emerick in support of LLS. Emerick announces that they will, match all donations to our team!

July 20 | 2017

First annual SMPS Boards, Bags and Brews event, benefiting the Portland Community ToolBank. Team Emerick rocked, thank you: Mike Day, Cody Street, Janni Qual, Samantha Jordan, Rebecca Berg, Monica Keenan, Mike Degliantoni, Ryan Pugh, Ted Jeffery and Jake Pietrok! Special thanks to Mike D for his awesome craftsmanship on the cornhole boards.

July 19 | 2017

LLS kick-off luncheon for Light the Night Walk. Team Emerick is starting to form, please check out our website and join the fight! JOIN TEAM EMERICK today.

July 6 | 2017

Another successful project start, we broke ground today at Clackamas Fire District 1 - Fleet and Logistics facility. Thank you to the hardwork of the CFD and honored board members who made this project possible. Emerick is proud to be a part of the team along with Rice Fergus Miller Architects.

July 4 | 2017

In celebration of the July 4th holiday, our offices will be closed on July 3rd and 4th. Have a safe one!

July 1 | 2017

Congratulations to George Benes for his outstanding perspective of the humans behind the work at Emerick! George is July's photo contest winner. Keep up the good work.

June 9 | 2017

SMPS first annual Broads, Bags and Brews event July 20, 2017 4-7:30pm. All proceeds benefit the Portland Community ToolBank. Check it out and join the fun!

June 1 | 2017

Emerick's monthly photo contest winner is, Troy Everest. Superintendent at OSU Track and Field Phase II. Great shot Troy!

May 31 | 2017

Checkout our latest project for the Ridgefield School District.

May 5 | 2017

Congratulations to Rich Widmer, one of Emerick's Superintendents. He is the proud winner of May's photo contest. Thank you for sharing your project image from ALSCO. It's a look at the amazing feat of craning in a large concrete wall.

May 1 | 2017

May 1 marked an historic event for the Ridgefield School District, it was the groundbreaking for their new 5-6/7-8 school. This project encompass over a decade of hard work and planning by many individuals. They had the dream of bringing the community together to create an educational environment that would benefit future generations to come.

Emerick is proud to be a part of this project and to join a legacy of improving our communities with the projects we build!

RSD invited six 3rd graders to help kick off the groundbreaking as these student will be amoung the first to enjoy the new facility when it is completed. Just in time for them to start 5th grade.

April 27 | 2017

SMPS presented - Interviewing to Win with Susan Murphy. Susan rocked her presentation as usual and demonstrated the needed elements to a packed room on the do's and don't for a great interview. Not only were these skills applicable for project interviews, but also something we should all consider in our daily interactions. Thank you Susan!

April 26 | 2017

Habitat for Humanity's annual breakfast was an opportunity to see good work i action. This was the 17th annual breakfast for the Portland/Metro East and hearing about the rate at which Habitat for Humanity is impacting lives was truly inspiring.

April 20 | 2017

Emerick proudly supports the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society - We will be forming a team for the upcoming Light the Night walk on October 14, 2017. Help support LLS and join our team. The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Light The Night Walk funds treatments that are saving the lives of patients today. LLS is making cures happen by providing patient support services, advocating for lifesaving treatments and pioneering the most promising cancer research anywhere. And it's all happening now. Not someday, but today. Each year friends, families and coworkers form teams to raise money in support of our mission.

April 6 | 2017

Emerick's photo contest winner for the month of April is...Darin Meisenheimer for his image at OSU Track and Field Phase II. Congratulations Darin! Also thank you to everyone who submitted images this month. Team Emerick rocks!

March 16 | 2017

DJC Newsmakers event - Congratulations to all the recipients of this years Newsmakers award - a very distinguished group.


March 7, 2017

In celebration of Women in Construction Week in Oregon, NAWIC is participating in WIC Week by featuring several panel discussions at local high schools. Focus is on different career paths in the construction industry. Today's panel at Lincoln High School: Sandra Fraser Attorney at Fraser Law, Yasmine Branden Principal Staff Officer at Holland Partner Group, Samantha Jordan Director of Marketing and Business Development for Emerick Construction, Tommi Ruthford Structural Engineer at KPFF Consulting Engineers and Linda Spongberg Senior Manager at Aldrich CPAs and Advisors.

March 3, 2017

100 Best Oregon companies to work for - Emerick was ranked 8th for medium size firms in Oregon. Congratulations to our amazing people, without whom we wouldn't be the company we are today!


March 6, 2017

Congratulation George Benes - Emerick Superintendent, for his project image of TVF&R Station 64! Proudly featured on our homepage.

February 2017

Emerick Construction was awarded the contract for the upcoming projects for the Ridgefield School District. We are proud to be a part of the team and can't wait for the projects to start! Congratulations team Emerick.

January 25, 2017

Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS) celebrated the brightest minds with the 2017 Marketing Achievement Award, SMPS Chapter Member of the Year, Influential Leader of the Year, and a Marketing Communications Award!

Congratulations to Samantha Jordan, Emerick's Director of Marketing and Business Development for winning Influential Leader Award.

January 6 | 2017

C-Tran Maintenance Facility project comes to a close, what a great job by our project team, Dennis, Darin, Ali and Troy who knocked it out of the park. Huge thank you to them for their hard work and for continuing our great relationship with C-Tran!

October 26, 2016

DJC Woman of Vision Awards - Thirty-six women have been selected by the Daily Journal of Commerce as 2016 Women of Vision award winners.

The awards recognize women shaping the built environment in Oregon and Southwest Washington through their leadership, mentoring efforts, community involvement and promotion of industry diversity.

Samantha Jordan - Emerick's Director of Marketing and Business Development was honored as a Woman of Vision for 2016. Congratulations Samantha!

August 9 | 2016

Samantha Jordan was selected to moderate at this years Business Diversity Insitute, Inc. MED Week - Septmber 13-16, 2016. Check out the great lineup of speakers and this years schedule. Click here!

MED Talks - Focusing on Empowering Leadership, with a Day in the life of Small Business Owners".

June 8 | 2016

Local Sellwood/Woodstock Girl Scout Troop builds flower boxes for adult living center. Learning important skills like project layout, building specs and assembly, this troop stepped up to the challenge. Emerick's Mike Degliantoni assisted in material preparation for the project, thank you Mike, without you we would still be cutting the wood!

May 21 | 2016

Annual SMILE Clean-Up still leads the way. In Inner Southeast Portland, and perhaps in the entire city, the Sellwood Moreland Improvement League (SMILE) Neighborhood Clean-Up is the grandparent of them all.

“We have been involved in the SMILE Neighborhood Clean-Up for more than 30 years, right after the city became involved in the project,” remarked Bruce Heiberg, a Woodstock realtor and a member of the Sellwood family that owns and runs Heiberg Garbage & Recycling. The annual neighborhood cleanup is held in the south-end parking lot of Westmoreland Park.

Emerick's Project Manager Bill Judge pitches in to help the neighborhood and park shine. Thank you Bill!

March 5, 2016

DJC TopProjects - Emerick receives third place for their project - the Portland International Airport Carpet Replacement. Congratulations to our team, they worked hard over 9 months to complete this highly visible project without any issues. Shout out to Bill Judge and Darin Meisenheimer. Also, special thanks to Rubensteins for their hard work on the project. Great team work.

February 24, 2016

Portland Work Alliance Youth Career Expo - another amazing event, thank you Rhonnda Parsons Edmiston for organizing the Construction Zone. With 7000 students in attendance this year, Emerick hosted a booth to give kids a hands-on experience. Thank you to our team of volunteers - Ali Clark, Mike Degliantoni, Matt Winkler and Samantha Jordan, who hopefully inspired a few students to take a second look at the A/E/C industry.

Photo by Sam Tenney - DJC

December 2, 2015

Grand opening of the recently finished TriMet Trolley Barn project tonight. Thank you TriMet and Pivot Architects for all your hard work on the project, we were excited to be a part of the team.

December 1, 2015

Wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday season from everyone at Emerick!


November 26, 2015

Giving thanks to all of our Employees and their families on this Thanksgiving Holiday. Without you, Emerick wouldn't be successful.

November 11, 2015

A celebration to honor America's veterans for their patriotism, love of country, and willingness to serve and sacrifice for the common good.

September 14 | 2015

An epic move, saying goodbye to our old office space after 40 years. We are now located in Tualatin, Oregon. Come visit us! 7855 SW Mohawk Street, Tualatin Oregon 97062.

September 11 | 2015

August 6 | 2015

Lower Columbia College - Bloom of Life sculpture installation. Another great addition to the Health and Science building.

August 4 | 2015

SMPS Annual Golf Tournament - Congratulations on helping raise money for SMPS's High School Scholarship Fund and not to mention, taking home the award for Best Decorated Golf Cart and Best Dressed!

July 4 | 2015

Happy Independance Day

June 16 | 2015

Jordan Fell, our Project Manager takes a ride to look as his newly finished Fire Station for TVF&R Station 51.

May 25 | 2015

Memorial Day Celebration!

May 14 | 2015

The DJC TopProjects award night. Lower Columbia College Health and Science facility was nominated for New Construction Public. Congratulations to our team and to LCC for a wonderful project! Good luck.

May 1 | 2015

Junior Achievement Bowl-a-thon. Every year JA puts on an annual fundraiser for their programs. Local businesses participate to help raise money to keep the valuable program running. This year we had two team of Emerick employees and family members play to support JA, thank you team!

April 20 | 2015

Sam Stursa, Emerick's intern and local area student of Sabin-Schellenberg welding program, took first place at the State competition in TIG. Congratulations Sa, we are very proud of you!

April 11 | 2015

Annual Parkrose Dinner and Auction. Emerick is a proud supporter of the Parkrose School District and all the good work they do to help improve the future of children in Portland.

April 8 | 2015

NAWIC CAD judging event. Local area students from the Sabin-Schellenberg - North Clackamas School District. Nancy, the CAD instructor at the school has been working with her students to design a house. With several considerations to take into account, each student designs a full-set of plans. NAWIC (National Association of Women in Construction) review the plans with the criteria in mind. Local and Regional winner will be announced later this month. CAD in Motion!

March 18 | 2015

Portland Work Alliance - Expo for local Oregon High School students, was a huge success. With over 6000 students from all over the State who funneled through the Expo Center to learn about a variety of career options. The construction Zone featured over 38 A/E/C firms this year. Representing Emerick, Ali Clark, Christina Fell, Samantha Jordan and introducing - Sam Stursa, our student intern. Our team lead a hands on screw gun demonstration, where students were encouraged to jump in and try their skills at using a power tool. For most of the students, this was the first time they had used such a tool. Fantastic event - Thank you Rhonda Edmiston of Howard S. Wright who organized the event with PWA!

Emerick's Ali Clark featured on KION 6 News

February 26, 2015

100 Best Celebration - Emerick on stage accepting the Hall of Fame award. Larry Sitz, Emerick's CEO gladly accepts the award. Another highlight from the evening, Ken Madden, the keynote pays homage to the Historical Crater Lake Lodge project Emerick preformed with the help of Madden Fabrication. Great night, thank you to our employees for making it happen.


February 21 | 2015

Heart & Stroke Ball - Corey Lohman, 2015 Chair, presents key factors of the important work the American Heart Association is doing in the prevention and awareness of Heart and Strokes. Thank you every one for your support this year.